About Kartaway MiniSkips

Kartaway provide skip bins, mini skips, rubbish bins and rubbish removal in all suburbs of Melbourne.


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Kartaway, wherever possible, divert and recycle waste to downstream industries and usages.

Kartaway are an environmentally responsible company, recycling most waste collected. They provide recycling services that meet green star certification and are strongly committed to environmentally sound practices, with their own recycling stations wherever they operate. Three of these are open to the public.

Glass recyling   Brick and concrete rubble recyling   PETE and HDPE plastic recyling   Metal recyling


Processed via specialists equipment in crushing machines at dedicated facilities producing road-base, fines and aggregates.


Cleaned and re-used for wall construction and landscaping projects. brick chips from crushed bricks can be used in road-base, track and drainage material, sands or even new bricks.


Sent to processing plants, screened and re-used.


Gyprock and board plaster is recycled in most locations. Gypsum powder is made form reclaimed board and provides high quality material.


PETE and HDPE plastics are separated at transfer stations and sent to plastics recycling plants for recycling and reuse.

The recycling process involves the plastics being cleaned, melted and compressed into small pellets – nurdles – used in the manufacturing of new plastic products.


Most glass product is separated, cleaned, crushed and recycled.


Metal products are separated via magnets (ferrous) and picking, recycled and reused.